“Do you REALLY want to grow your business and earn more? Have more customers and happier employees? Modern Neurosciences provide information of how you can achieve exactly that. Simple. Effective.



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(JOACHIM RIEWESELL, certified Trainer & Coach, Master of Cognitive Neuroscience))


The Concept


Communication with focus on people as real PEOPLE always works very well and successfully.
It is like a toolkit. With good tools and the skilful usage of them you can reach your goals, even financially.
You will receive all these tools together with a very effective “how to” – manual.


"Training with Joachim Riewesell was very effective for our company. It was fun and we were impressed by his expertise and diverse experience. His sales team at Xaris helped us a lot with cold calling and applied what Mr. Riewesell teaches. By training with Mr. Riewesell we were able to double our sales in the shortest possible time. "

Alex Berends, Co-Founder and CEO, MXR Podoblock




Compared to Japan Europe and many western countries are still very poor when it comes to service. In Asia PEOPLE are in the centre of attention. Human relationships rank higher than any business or project. It was in Japan where I learnt that financial goals will be realized much easier when you treat people with dedication, dignity and respect.

After nearly 6 years of living, studying and working in Asia I carried this experience and knowledge back to Europe. I discovered that this “business model” can be adjusted to the West and works really well.


Every day I work and live in technical sales myself. I know very well what works and what doesn’t. I constantly improve myself, study and learn. Everything I learn will be tested in real practical life and only then will become part of my seminars and trainings. I live what I teach – and I teach what I live. All examples and illustrations are based on my own experience, my embarrassing mistakes as well. You will learn in few hours what took me many years.

Humorous, practical, simple – but highly effective!


You as participant will receive a ready-to-go concept what you just have to implement. This concept includes everything what entrepreneurs, freelancers and sales people need. Proven and tested in real life!!!



“Xaris Academy” is an activity of Xaris eK.
Xaris eK is active in technical sales since 2004. Throughout this time Xaris represented various companies and sold their products, set up sales networks, covered sales regions and opened new markets.

Right from the beginning Xaris offered training and seminars which were mostly realized as in-house-trainings. These seminars and trainings are stuffed with numerous practical and self-experienced examples and illustrations.

You as participant will profit a lot from Joachim’s in-depth expertise and also from his 15 years of Sales and Marketing work in many countries.



„It really inspires me a lot when I see sales people who serve customers well with dedication and authentic interest in their welfare. In Taiwan, Japan and Korea I could experience daily how customers are being served really well. People and relationship with people are the centre of all business activities.

I took many of these concepts to Europe and applied them to my own sales activities and trainings. Companies I have been working with and who followed my trainings increased their turnover substantially.

At the same time it makes me sad that so many companies here in the West have fantastic products and services – but nobody knows about them. A lot of firms find it difficult to position themselves in sales and marketing. Many business people think of sales as being very difficult.

I show to all participants of my seminars and trainings that sales is NOT difficult at all and how it can be very successful.”


Joachim Riewesell’s background is electronic engineering. Later in his life he studied amongst others cross cultural communication, marketing and sales communication. Joachim is a member of the AFNB (Academy for neuroscientific education management)has obtained his masters degree in "Cognitive Neuroscience" and is a Certified Master in Neuro Linguistic Selling NLS®.


He loves to work with people a lot and has been doing so for more than 25 years and for more than 15 years in international sales and training. He founded Xaris eK in 2004 and offers trainings and seminars through Xaris Academy.



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